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it's been a hard time keeping it to myself, 2 years to be exact. thought of moving on was a simple thing to do. but being just an oddinary person won't help. running away from such problems was the stupidest thing i could think of. just like i expected, it keep coming back and i ended up blindfolded knowing no where to go. And so I lived in the past with regrets. Looking at all the chances, I was too afraid to take and the people I was too scared to admit my feelings to. I'm not good at expressing my feelings, so I keep everything bottled inside. Half the time, I want to tell someone what I'm feeling. so I stay quite. untill now. having such feeling for you was a shame thing for me to do and thanks cause It is you who has made me realize the failure of doing such decision. None of this is your fault. It is completely with me. I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed. just for you to know, i do deserve for all those circumstances that will come, and yet, it came. so i've promised that i'll be just fine by myself. thank God for giving this opportunity cause this will be the most valuable lesson i've learnt. which is, once you're fucked up, don't beg for mercy. hahaha. so i'll pretend that i never posted these cause i value our friendship :) this is just how i express my feeling. no worries tho (Y) yeah, we change, we grow up, we fuck up, we love, we hurt but the most important, life goes on.

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