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For those who are reading my blog, don't get me wrong for what i had posted the other day. i admit that i often get emotional sometimes, and i also admit that it was an unappropriate thing to do. its just that i just wanted to be appreciate with what i've been dying to do and to achieve. those struggling, efforts, every sweat that i've dripped, everything was nothing else but just my only initiatives to make those two important person in my whole life to be glad with me. i was wrong, i didn't realise that the moment i've been going through, those two person had always stay by my side through my thick and thin. being there to keep me standing and willing to burden themselves with my attitude whenever i had almost given up hope to continue what i've been doing. yeah, they love me so much and i'm putting my full effort to prove them that i felt the same way towards them. i'm sorry for being a screw up for all this while. i didn't fully appreciate for what you guys been sacrifying just for me. I'm totally sorry. i've promised myself to be a better person by the time ahead. i love you guys so much.

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